PITC for children under 15 years old at Kimara Dispensary, July - September2013

Background: Kimara Dispensary is a government owned health facility that among many other services offers PITC services to the patients attending the facility both adults and children with more emphasis put on children under 15 years old so as to capture all HIV infected children and promptly enroll them into HIV care.

At start , PITC was neither well done nor documented adequately and hence it was difficult to assess performance let alone give these services to the children and hence promote early diagnosis, referral and treatment and eventually have better clinical outcomes.
At the end of the 3rd quarter, i.e. April to June 2013 a total of only 375 children had been tested for HIV whereby 173(46%) were makes and 202(54%) were females.

Strategies to increase HIV testing among children attending the facility lead to the success of the facility in PITC which include:

  1. Before the start of health services at the facility, everyday, health education is being provided to attending patients in all departments on the importance of testing their children.
  2. Every health care provider is responsible for ensuring all children attending OPD clinic has been tested and results are accurately recorded in their patient cards
  3. Ensuring availability of test kits at all times by the use of a stable and reliable reporting and requesting system
  4. The facility in charge selected a PITC focal person in each department who is responsible for close follow up of all children and make sure all are tested and recorded in PITC registers
  5. PITC focal person is responsible for proper filling of registers in time,  and hence ensures timely collection of data of children from each department.

At the end of September a total number of 1242 children were testes for HIV, which is 331% increase from those who were tested in the quarter of April to June. Among these, children below the age of 18 months were 102 whereby 3 among the 102 were reported to be HIV positive and children below 15 years of age were 1140 whereby those found out to be HIV positive among those were 17 children.

Table 1: Summary of children tested for HIV from July to September 2013




Conclusion: Kimara dispensary is dedicated at ensuring that every child that comes to the facility for any health service is also tested for HIV. This will greatly ensure that HIV infected children are enrolled into care immediately for better future outcomes and therefor Kimara dispensary will continue reinforcing PITC activities within the facility at all times.

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